Our brains control everything that we do- starting from breathing to solving complex math problems. A healthy brain keeps your thoughts clear, enabling you to read, work, play, and sleep.

It has been found that the way we maintain our lifestyle can have significant impacts on the health of our minds and our bodies as we grow older. So, what is your Brain’s HCF Factor? It is the same as the concept of brain health to ensure your brain is Happy, Calm, and Focused.

Human Brain at work

Here are 5 tips to make sure that your brain’s HCF factor always points to green.

1. Balanced Diet and Exercise:

Regular physical exercise, cutting bad habits like cigarettes and alcohol, eating a balanced diet, and staying socially active can all boost brain health. It is proven that a diet rich in nutrients and deficient in sugar and processed foods improve the overall health of any human being. Daily exercise may not only reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases but also is known to boost mental health.

2. Socialize:

When we spend some time every day with our loved ones, the level of stress and anxiety decreases. Friendship is known to motivate people toward social activity and involvement. Social life gives us an opportunity to feel loved, needed, respected, and appreciated- all of which are important for any human to flourish in life. Develop friendships with people who will support you through thick and thin of life.

3. Develop Short Term Goals:

Our desires are almost always a cause of pain. Rather than keeping absurd expectations from job, family, or life, you should focus on short term goals. This might be a small thing as completing a project on time or finishing up chores before the weekend. A positive attitude has been shown to play a significant role in success, as well as your ability to recover from stress and illness.

4. Be Smart with Finances:

There is no denying the fact that most of us undergo stress and tension due to our financial commitments. To avoid this stress, make sure you stick to your budget and avoid using credit cards. You should only spend on what is necessary rather than luxurious and fancy items.

5. Rest:

Rest your mind by getting at least 8-hours of sleep every night. Studies have shown that resting helps in consolidating information that is kept inside the brain, as the brain is a muscle that gets tired too. Studies even prove that 20-90 minutes nap taken during hectic schedule increases productivity.

Brain functions are complex. A thing that can be stressful for someone might not be that stressful to someone else. Thus, it is important to understand that there is no single solution to maintain your brain’s HCF factor. We would suggest you do the activities that give you the mental boost while not compromising your overall health.


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