A visionary leader with over 10 years of experience in education, counselling, employee engagement and international business. Vikram has consistently positioned organisations for success, spurring sales growth in millions of dollars, and has generated revenue streams and managed diverse teams for fostering high accomplishments. This demonstrates his profound dedication to operational excellence. A graduate from Melbourne’s very own La Trobe University, his versatility ranges from being a CEO and owner to that of a software developer, while being an exemplary mentor for coaching the young emerging leaders.

After migrating to Australia in 2014, Vikram sensed the need to unite the right applicants with the right employers, help deserving students find the way to the university of their dreams, and open the door of endless opportunities to the large pool of skilled workers. Ever since, migration and the provision of career services have become his zeal.

With his strong marketing and public relations skills, Vikram has the ability to engage a wide range of audience from different cultures and backgrounds and can reach out to the stakeholders in a successful manner. He not only manages VAS Career Services but is also the Founder & Director of VAS Webwork Pty Ltd.

Vikram’s mantra is to inspire people to think differently and act accordingly to reach their goals.


Vishy is an accomplished administrator, and is by nature, curious, gracious and dedicated. She has led teams across both private and public sectors and has years of experience in mentoring, recruitment, change management and partnership and relationship building. Vishy is a result-oriented professional who excels at creating new alliances and bringing people together.

As an individual who had moved to Australia from India, she has a first-hand experience in the migration process, and expertly understands the various issues and problems that migrants face in the present world. This had ultimately encouraged her to study Migration Law and Practice, which has further helped her gain a significant amount of insight into the employment market as well as the education system, specifically the student market in Australia.

Vishy finds great passion and purpose from engaging and empowering those around her, and seeks to create opportunities for encouraging travel, education and cross-cultural communication.


It’s no surprise that Romy found her calling with VAS career services, as she has visited over 30 countries, lived in three and has a undeniable passion for wanting to help those in need. These days, balancing the demands of motherhood, family commitments and a business, this is one business development manager who is fiercely ambitious and determined to succeed in everything she does.

After serving as a Police Officer for many years, it was evident to Romy that she enjoyed working with people and the ability to make a difference much more than the physical and hands on action.  This is where her business career took off, moving from entry level to General Management within a couple of years.

Her strong work ethic, transparency and dedication to getting the best outcome has rewarded her with a successful career to date and opened many opportunities, where skills have been learned and perfected over the years including, empathy and strength from the funeral industry, customer service excellent and sales from Real Estate and communication and leadership through Management.

Romy has received copious thank you letters and gifts from clientele that have recognised her efforts of going above and beyond.  Her goal is to make sure that their experience is a comfortable, seamless and exciting one.


Rosha has a degree from the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and has a high amount of compassion and diligence when it comes to managing the students and clients. She has years of experience in the customer care sector, and is therefore an individual with a high level of expertise when it comes to working with students. Since she herself a migrant from Iran, she understands the issues and difficulties that immigrants sometimes face in a foreign country.

Rosha strives to work with VAS Career Services and provide the best to the clients while committed towards maintaining an ethical and responsible work environment.


Alana is a young, dynamic and extremely engaged individual with a great passion for customer relationship management. She is very attentive towards her clients, which ensures that they are highly content with her services. She has a professional diploma in sales, and has also worked as a commercial assistant in carpentry.

Alana has a strong love for challenges and is adept at finding the most suitable solutions for her clients. With her excellent communication and fast learning skills, she comes across as a friendly and welcoming figure, always ready to help and mentor others.


A background in Arts disciplines, majoring in criminology and legal justice from The University of Melbourne. Through this tertiary study and engagement with contemporary global issues she has developed her understanding of and has become a keen advocate for the importance of human rights, a globalised society and inclusive world views.

Viewing education as a priority on the human rights/ development agenda her vision is to help break intergenerational chains of poverty by promoting the importance of education and supporting the development of education systems globally. Her support for this cause can be seen through her volunteer work at Opportunity Cambodia, Siem Reap in which she taught and organised lessons and games for rural children.

Claire’s history in customer service as well as the skills she has gained from her Bachelor’s degree, including the ability to impart empathy and communicate concise information, assists her in helping people get the most out of their school years by guiding them through the best migration and education pathways to suit their needs.


Samar is by profession a visual artist and fashion designer. Her experiences range from designing the curriculum in schools to marketing the projects that she undertakes.

Samar has this uncanny talent for being able to understand the plight of the students and migrants who move to a new country, which has indirectly contributed to her successful career in films and media entertainment. VAS Career Services is delighted to have her on the panel of the senior counsellors, as her inputs are practical and therefore invaluable.


With a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing, Anu is an integral team player for the Company. She has dedicated a significant amount of time to non-profit causes, and is dedicated to make a difference through her voluntary work. She wishes to help the people from her community and is highly passionate regarding her work. She is an individual with strong work ethics and it is only her hard work and determination that has helped her build the career that she has right now. She aspires to help others overcome the obstacles and establish themselves as successful individuals, and that has encouraged her to join VAS Career Services.


Fengping Li is an international manager who had started her career as a tutor of the Chinese language. She progressed on to becoming to an Early Childhood Educator, and has ever since been awarded on numerous occasions for her teaching skills and excellence.

Fengping is fluent in both English and Mandarin, with a degree in education consulting and technology. Her compassion and willingness to help people helps her to achieve success in her work, especially when it comes to helping students and migrants from China to settle down and set up a living in a new country such as Australia.


Zhifei has over five years of experience in the accounting profession. Her skills range from regulating the cash flow to keeping track of the revenue that is generated. She is highly passionate about her work, and that is what makes her the best in her field.

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