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Canada, the second largest country in the world, has a population of 31 million people. It is a well-developed country with a very sound economy and numerous career opportunities.The country of friendly people and breathtaking natural beauty has always been welcoming to immigrants.

Since its population is aging, Canada is now increasingly allowing in more skilled professionals from different countries to join the workforce and contribute towards its growth.

VAS Career Services can take people through the process of migration and help them get Permanent Residency (PR).

With PR, one can get almost all of the benefits enjoyed by the citizens.People with PR are able to settle down and succeed in their careers by using their expertise and bringing in fresh ideas and perspective.


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Subclass | 189 | 489 | 190 | 457| Employer Nomination Visa

General Skilled Migration Visa

If you are looking to migrate to a new country that will value your skills and give you the incentives you deserve, you might consider writing Australia as one of the viable places in your list. The General Skilled Migration Program allows people from other countries to get work permits once they qualify for the required job.

This visa requires the applicant to be independent and have the necessary skills that would be required to fulfil the duties. In other words, the individual should not have any sponsor in the form of the employer, family members or the government of either nation. You can live in Australia like any of its citizens and work in an organisation of your choice.

In order to be applicable for this kind of Visa, you must –

  • Be involved in an occupation that is included in the skilled list of occupations
  • Have attained a suitable skill assessment for the job
  • Be less than 50 years of age
  • Be fluent in English

The following documents are mandatory for obtaining a General Skilled Migration Visa –

  • Documents certifying the registration of birth
  • Marriage and other relationship certificates/documents
  • Evidence of parental responsibility
  • Health examination documents

https://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/80.pdf For more details on documentation, visit the Australian website here.

Individuals who have the General Skilled Migration Visa are applicable for pursuing jobs in an organisation of their choice as per their given skill set, and they can also apply for permanent residence if they wish.

Student Visa

The student visa is for those candidates who wish to pursue their education from Australia. More than 250,000 foreign students are welcomed by the Australian universities every year.

This visa will allow you to study in whichever Australian University you are eligible for, and the courses that are covered under this are varied, ranging from graduate to professional, and also vocational courses. You will be able to live in the country and undertake a full-time academic program from a recognised educational institution.

To acquire a student visa, you must be registered for a full-time course at any University or academic institution in the country. You must also have proof of the welfare arrangements, especially if you are under 18 years of age, which must extend for your intended duration of stay. You also need to have a valid PTE or TOEFL score to be eligible for studying in the Universities.

To ensure a hassle-free visa procurement process, you must have the following documents ready –

  • A duly filled visa application form
  • Passport and other identification proofs
  • Copies of previous academic results
  • Proof of funds
  • Overseas Student Health Cover documents


: Holders of the student visa can reside in Australia and study in any University of their choice.

Employer Sponsored Visa

The Employer Sponsored Visa allows a business to sponsor people to work overseas. The individuals who are eligible for this kind of visa may opt for either temporary or permanent visa, and the entire process is the responsibility of the Immigration and Border Protection Department.

This visa enables the workers to visit Australia on a temporary basis and undertake work as per their skill set.

The person applying for this kind of visa must be approved by a sponsor, and they must entail the necessary skills and experience that are integral for meeting the job requirements.

When a person wishes to work in Australia under a definite sponsor, the following documents are to be produced –

  • The nominee contract
  • Documents that verify the terms and conditions of employment, which must be the same as applicable for the citizens of Australia
  • Proof of requirement for the proposed work or position

With this visa, you can live in Australia on a temporary basis and work like its citizens. You can work for a skilled position, participate in a sports team, participate in religious work, and undertake full-time domestic work for a senior foreign citizen

Visitor Visa

To be able to apply for this kind of visa, you need to be a foreign national living outside of Australia with a valid passport. You can apply for extending your stay while you are still in the country.

The time interval that is allowed for extension of this kind of visa is usually a maximum of 12 months. The usual time periods for stay under the visitor visa norms are usually for up to three, six or twelve months. The eVisitor visa (subclass 651) is free of charge for the citizens of certain countries.

Individuals, who wish to visit Australia for touring purposes, or for business, are applicable for this visa. The citizenship of certain countries allows the people to apply for their visas online.

To apply for a visitor visa, you must be in possession of the following documents –

  • Your passport with at least six months of validity
  • A duly filled visa application form
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Proof employment or retirement
  • Passport size photographs

Individuals who hold a visitor visa can enter Australia once or multiple times, depending on the terms that have been specified by the Department. You cannot work unless specified otherwise, although you can always undertake volunteer work, and enrol in an educational course that does not extend for more than three months.

Partner Visa

This Visa will enable you to live in Australia if you are the spouse or partner of a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. You have to lodge an application and the visas could either be temporary or permanent.

There are numerous conditions that need to be kept in mind when applying for a partner visa. For instance, the rules and obligations regarding whether the family members can enter Australia or not may vary in the different cases.

Your partner will require you to sponsor for a period of two years. After that, you will be eligible for permanent residence. You will need to be married, or be in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. In some cases, individuals who are eligible for the citizenship of New Zealand can also sponsor their spouses.

In order to apply for a partner visa, you must have the following documents ready –

  • Proof of assistance or sponsorship
  • Relationship history
  • Financial statements
  • Nature of household
  • Health, character and identification documents

If you are a holder of the visitor visa of Australia, you can live in the country and work there. You can get enrolled for healthcare, and apply for Australian citizenship once you attain a permanent partner visa.

Family Visa

This visa allows people who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia to sponsor their families to live in the country.

The waiting period for the family visas could be extensive, and there are several different classes and subclasses within this visa category. Many eligible citizens of New Zealand can also sponsor their family members to apply for this kind of visa

In order to be eligible for the family visa, the applicant must be a partner (spouse, fiancé or a de facto member), a child or a parent of the individual who is residing in Australia. The children may live in Australia and apply for permanent residence or citizenship if they wish to.

To apply for a family visa, you must have the following documents ready –

  • A duly filled application form
  • Proof of assistance or sponsorship
  • Identity proofs, such as a valid passport, birth certificate
  • Passport-size photographs

Family visa holders can work for only a limited period of time for every fortnight, which I about 40 hours. If they are being sponsored by a student, they cannot study for more than three months, and must have health insurance during their stay in the country.

Business Visa

The Business Visa program of Australia encourages business owners, executives and investors to settle in the country where they can further contribute to the national economy. They can develop new or existing business opportunities with the help of this visa.

There are two facets to this kind of visa, and the business migrants can adopt either paths to acquire residency in Australia. The requirements for the two pathways are however quite different

In order to be eligible for a Business Visa, one must be –

  • A business owner, or a part-owner of a business
  • A senior executive employee of any business
  • An investor who is willing to invest in the Australian economy
  • A high-calibre businessperson with a sponsorship by their respective government

The following documents are to be produced when applying for a business visa –

  • The duly filled application forms
  • Original copy of a valid passport
  • A cover letter from the business organisation, on the letterhead of the respective company
  • Bank statements for the past six months
  • A letter of invitation from the host organisation in Australia
  • Proof of company registration

The Business Visa in Australia grants the individuals the same workplace rights as its own citizens. You can reside and travel throughout the country for business or personal purposes.

Temporary Graduate Visa

This type of visa allows you to reside in Australia after you have completed your educational qualifications from a University in the country. Depending on your qualifications, you can stay in Australia for up to 4 years

You do not require sponsorship from an employer for obtaining this kind of visa. You will be responsible for securing your own job while you work in Australia on the strength of this visa.

In order to be eligible for a temporary graduate visa, you must –

  • Have a recent qualification in a course that is registered in the CRICOS
  • Be under 50 years of age
  • Meet all the requirements of the stream you are applying for
  • Have the adequate amount of insurance
  • Have a competent score in English

The following documents are to be provided in addition to the application for your visa –

  • Certified copies of current and previous passports
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Health and character documents

The Temporary Graduate Visa will allow you to reside in Australia, and you can also pursue higher education opportunities or opt for a job after you complete your studies. There is no restriction regarding the kind of work or the working hours that you wish to undertake.

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Tourist Visa

Canada is a beautiful place for those to wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of their monotonous lives. Under the Visitor Visa Program, people from other countries can apply for a visa and have adventures as the country has tremendous opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, hiking and snowshoeing.

This visa is issued to those who are of sound mental and physical health and wish to have new experiences in a foreign country. Most Tourist Visas in Canada enable you to stay in the country for six months.

In order to apply for a tourist visa, you can go ahead with the process either online, or you can personally visit the Visa centre in your country of residence. Be patient throughout the entire procedure – issuing visas and permits are tedious and time-consuming tasks. You will be required to fill in the Visitor Form – IMM 5257 and the Family Information Form – IMM 5707 when applying.

For a tourist visa to Canada, you must have the following –

  • A valid passport
  • Two copies of a duly signed VAC consent form
  • Two copies of your passport-size photograph
  • Your overseas travel history, which would be the scanned copies of visas you would have issued previously

As a holder of the tourist visa, you can travel throughout Canada, search for work, join a short-term educational course, and apply for further extension of your stay in the country. However, visitors entering Canada for a short period of time are usually discouraged from working due to the country’s strict compliance with its labour laws.

Student Visa

Canada is home to several of the top Universities in the world, and choosing to study in the country is an endeavour that will perhaps be among the best decisions of your life. A student permit or a student visa is compulsory for those who wish to pursue their education from any Canadian institution.

This visa is issued to those who have already been enrolled, or wish to join, an educational institute, in Canada. It is always better to apply for a permit before you enter the country even when you wish to change your study program, because doing so will require you to leave Canada and apply for the same through a registered Visa office.

You need to take the TOEFL or IELTS examination to assess your knowledge and proficiency of the English language before you can apply for a student permit. You must fulfil all the steps that are necessary for applying to your college of choice.

To ensure a hassle-free visa application process, you must possess the following documents –

  • A passport, which will be valid up to the date of your intended stay in Canada
  • A proof of acceptance stating that you have been enrolled in a particular institution in the country
  • A proof of funds, which would present the fact that you would be able to cover the tuition fees and other charges during your stay in Canada
  • A medical examination certificate from an empanelled doctor as proof of your fitness, also called the IME or the Immigration Medical Examination documents

Student visa holders in Canada can apply for and join on-campus work for an unlimited number of working hours in exchange for a wage, even if they do not have a work permit. They must have a valid Social Insurance Number, which they can apply for from Service Canada. You can also work off-campus for 20 hours a week with the help of your student permit.

Work Permit Visa

A work-permit visa for Canada will enable you to work in the country if you are a student, a businessperson, or a caregiver. Depending on your country of citizenship or permanent residence, a temporary resident visa may also be needed for the same.

This visa is issued to those who wish to work in Canada, usually on a temporary basis. It is always advisable to have all the necessary documents and applications ready once you get the offer of employment from any Canadian firm.

Your Canadian employer will need to be granted a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which will be issued only after the ESDC officials are satisfied that there are no native workers or permanent residents that are qualified enough to carry out the required job. There are various exceptions too, such as in case of charity or religious work, exchange programs and for refugees who need to support themselves.

If you wish to apply for a work permit for Canada, you must have the following –

  • A valid passport
  • A letter stating the offer of employment from your Canadian employer
  • Proof of relationship with the family members who would be accompanying you

Temporary work permit holders in Canada are entitled to their fair share of pay in exchange for their work, and you will get the same rights as any other job-holder in the country. You can reside in a place of your choice and travel if you wish to.

Business Visa

Canada is quite often the most desired venues for investments and business, mostly due to the fact that the government encourages foreign contributions to further strengthen its national economy. The readily accessible markets, low business costs, skilled workforce and the booming financial sector could motivate you to conduct business in the country.

This visa is issued to those who wish to start a new or expand an existing business in Canada. If you are a self-employed individual with sufficient experience in your country of residence, you can apply for a business visa and contribute to the Canadian economy.

You must have a definite business idea along with the necessary funds for investing in your intended programs. You must meet the language proficiency requirements and have access to a sufficient amount of funds. In addition to having at least 3 years of business ownership or managerial experience, your business idea must be approved by a selected organisation that is functional in Canada.

You must have the following documents to make sure you can apply for a Canadian Business visa –

  • The passport request letter, along with a valid passport
  • VAC consent forms
  • Contact information, such as your address proof

The Canadian Business visa will allow you to start up your own business in the country and your firm or organisation will be subject to the taxation laws that are applicable for any other company that operates there. You can enter the country, have a place of residence, and travel if you wish to.

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