A decade ago, an abroad education degree had few takers even though it opened new doors of opportunity and garnered respect in the community. However, lately, the number of students flying internationals has increased drastically.  As per a recent report, there are almost 8,00,000 Indian students studying in various foreign countries across the world.

Also, another report states that students prefer one of these six countries- USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and, Canada- as their study destination. The major contributing factors are- availability of better opportunity, exposure on a global level and financial independence to sponsor their stay and so on.

In a recent study conducted among professional who had a foreign degree, 95% of them admitted that studying abroad made them more mature and open towards other cultures.

In the same study, almost 99% of participants admitted of better job prospects owing to their foreign degree. The study also found out that it is easy for foreign degree holders to make job changes, get a hike or relocate to their place of choice.

Deciding to move into another country involves a process of balancing potential benefits and costs of study abroad. And as it turns out, the benefits of a foreign degree do factor more than financial liabilities. Most of the hosting universities allow its students to work part-time on or off campus along with providing scholarship opportunities to the deserving candidate.

Nowadays, with parents support and easy availability of educational loans from banks, students have realized that all it takes is their own talent to get enrolled in a foreign university. With the advent of the internet, students are more exposed to various courses offered by the elite universities and are opting to follow their passion by enrolling in them.

Studying abroad is a challenging task that requires being comfortable in an unfamiliar environment and extensive future planning regarding expenses or career moves. This independence and global exposure develop a sense of satisfaction and self-worth in the students that benefits them in the later part of their life.

Even though there are lots of benefits and finances are not as big an issue as it used to be, the whole process of applying for foreign universities and settling abroad can be tedious. However, with the guidance of VAS Career Services’ experienced career consultants, all you need to do is focus on your studies to make your dream of studying abroad come true.


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